Saskatchewan Target Shooting Association
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Rifle Disciplines

There are multiple events to choose from if you are shooting rifle. Depending on the course of fire, you will be using either an air rifle (.177 caliber) or a live fire rifle at .22 caliber.

10 Metre Air Rifle

10 meter Air Rifle (ISSF) shot from a standing position with a 4.5 mm (0.177 in) caliber air rifle. The use of specialized clothing is allowed to improve the stability of the shooting position. The competition is a 60 shot match (men) or a 40 shot match (women) done within the time limit of 75 minutes (men) or 50 minutes (women).

50 Metre Prone Rifle

50 metre prone rifle is shot with a .22 rifle and is a 60 shot match. The match must be completed in a time of 50 minutes. The top 8 men from this event would move on to finals. There is no finals for women, the winners are determined at the end of the regular 60 shots.

50 Metre Rifle – 3 Position

In 50 metre rifle 3P, 20 shots are fired in each standing, kneeling, and prone for a total of 60 shots. This is shot as a .22 caliber event.

50 Metre Hunting Rifle

50 metre hunting rifle is a 60 shot match. There are limited rules in regards to the rifle itself. It cannot have moveable cheek pieces, cannot have adjustable stocks, cannot have a sling, and you cannot wear a shooting jacket. You are welcome to use any form of sights/scopes.

50 Metre Sporter Rifle

This is a 60 shot match. It is shot in either prone or 3 Position, depending on the competition.