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Membership Assistance Program (MAP) – Grant 

The Membership Assistance Program – MAP – is financial assistance available to eligible STSA Affiliated Clubs for the promotion and development of the sport of target shooting. Funding for MAP is provided through the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund and is derived from the proceeds of lottery ticket sales in Saskatchewan. To be eligible, clubs must be members in good standing with STSA for at least 24 months prior to application.

The following programs are eligible for reimbursement: shooter training, coaching clinics, official’s clinics, facility rentals (other than club owned facilities), equipment purchases and membership promotion. The following types of expenditures are ineligible for support: any construction, upgrading, maintenance or operating costs of facilities, expenditures for which other grant dollars have been used (two different grants cannot be used to pay the same dollar of expense, whether the grant comes from the Trust Fund or any other granting agency), cash prizes, social events (barbecues, lunches, etc.), alcoholic beverages, research projects or feasibility studies, out-of-province travel or other expenses deemed as ineligible as identified by STSA.

Applications must be made on a MAP Spending Plan Form and should be typewritten, signed by the Affiliated Club President and sent to STSA VP Finance. The annual deadline for applications is April 1 2023. Late or improperly completed requests may be taken under consideration.

For more information on the Membership Assistance Program please contact us or refer to the STSA Operations Manual

MAP Grant Forms

Membership Assistance Program Application – Download

Membership Assistance Program (MAP) Grant follow-up form – Download